About Me...

My name is Sabine Fahrenkrug, and I am the founder of WELLNESS MASSAGE MALLORCA. In 2004, I turned my back on the grey skies of Hamburg and made Mallorca, the sunniest island in Europe, my new home.

My life philosophy, based on living holistically and in harmony with myself and nature, has evolved into my profession. For many years, I have practiced yoga and dedicated myself intensely to bodywork, deep relaxation, and meditation. After completing my training as a certified massage therapist, I expanded my knowledge of body and therapeutic treatments through several trips to Southeast Asia, where I learned special techniques.

In addition to my work in renowned hotels in Palma such as Maricel, Son Vida, and Hotel Sant Francesc, I offer my mobile massage and wellness services, suitable for individuals, couples, families, and seminar groups of all kinds. My services range from yoga groups to weddings, from fincas and yachts to seminar houses - in short, wherever I am needed.

I am discreet and reliable. For my treatments, I use approved materials of the highest quality and exclusively use organic products.

“Ultimate relaxation is a journey back to connect with yourself. With my professional and intuitive approach, coupled with the holistic nature of my treatments, I am able to address your unique needs with customized care. The spectrum of my therapeutic methods and massage techniques spans from traditional to contemporary, including techniques inspired by the Far East.””.